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about Debbie :

Age: 14

Date of Birth: May 5

Model from: Peru, IL

Place you would love to visit: I want to go back to New York and work there more, I love the city.

Favorite things: Snowdrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…:P fresh air, sun, sport, a good book, friends and I suppose I'd better say family.

vito wrote: You really expect an 18 year old to actually read this? And knocking MM models probably ain't such a great idea...
gustav57 wrote: This is art. Tell us why YOU disagree. Don't just say the other person is wrong for wanting others to think the way they do...cuz I don't think that's even what the OP said.
trishb wrote: Generally it's good to have a shot that shows off your body. Even if you're not going to be doing nudes. The stripes one is very fitting and Almost does that but it's too loud and detracts, not to mention the pose alters your actual figure. Try maybe a swimsuit shot?
jessica90 wrote: Not bad, but too stiff. The head is vertical, the arm is at right angles, the shoulders are on the same level. Loosen it up and put some graceful flowing lines in it. Also, too much whites of the eyes is showing. When you have someone look to the side, don't let the glance go too far.
sunshine_2009 wrote: ^^^^^
fred43 wrote: Purple
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