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about Jane :

Age: 11

Date of Birth: February 1

Model from: Glen Allen, VA Glen Alpine, NC Glen Arbor

Place you would love to visit: Chile, Goa, Seychelles, Australia

Favorite things: Glass bottles, buttons

scott63 wrote: Try bumping your ISO to get your shutter speed up. Your Rebel should handle ISO 400 without a lot of drama. This shot shows 1/100th. You can get away with that but I also saw 1/30 and 1/60 which you probably can't get away with hand held. In these other shots you were at ISO 100 and f5.6 . . . you had room to get a faster shutter.
amy72 wrote: Had a great afternoon shoot with Roseanne who was a superb model and adapted well to all the styles I required. Her communication ahead of the shoot was superb and she came with all the required costume changes and more. It's worth saying that if you have been let down in the past, you will know how much you appreciate someone who makes the extra effort to turn up to a shoot despite problems. Roseanne had her fair share of problems ahead of our shoot but managed to sort everything for the booking to go ahead as planned.
family wrote: I see nothing compelling about ether image. When I want to see pussy, I REALLY want to see it, and it has to look inviting, and well photographed, (maybe a gleam of wetness, or something of the sort). When I want to see art, I want to see great composition, an unusual and interesting use of space, perfect focus, interesting light, etc., etc.. All of the above elements can be present in either.
kjic wrote: A year? Only one year? Dude you look like you've been at this
****ment wrote: Editorial
ashley wrote: Apart from your avatar I would dump the rest of your portfolio and start new with wayyyyyyy better photographers.
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