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about –°hris :

Age: 13

Date of Birth: July 16

Model from: Rolling Meadows

Place you would love to visit: I'd like to travel all over the world with my best friends! That would be so nice!

Favorite things: Hmm, they're probably not too happy about being called 'things' but definitely my friends!

petrinab wrote: Is this image stronger/different enough to one of those existing images? I'm aware that I have two almost identical shots of her in front of the tree and I guess one of those should really go. What do you think?
cly wrote: volkova isn't he a boy it should be volkov right
berkeley wrote: [Does he have a concussion, pupil sizes do not match]
bombers wrote: Recommended ofcourse!
bourbon wrote: This was my second shoot with ken, and i cant fault him in anyway at all! He is very professional, hes an absolute pleasure to work with and he is very respectful at all times, did i mention what a great personality he has? !!!!! well, models you just need to come and work with him yourselves !!!
kurt wrote: HIGHLY recommend her 100%
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