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about Alexa :

Age: 11

Date of Birth: September 9

Model from: Williston

Place you would love to visit: I would love to visit Miami. I like warm places and relaxing on the beach, so it would be amazing to visit Miami Beach. Actually any beach in the tropical hemisphere I would love to visit.

Favorite things: I love books on aphorisms and my laptop.

beet wrote: Well I would have cropped a bit closer, if you go past a knee/elbow get the entire limb. Second thing I noticed is she is missing an arm, normally a model will try to make sure all of her is visible, but it your moving a lot or she is less experienced it happens. In my opinion its our responsibility to look for it, but it is easy to get slack with really experienced models.
lapel wrote: I would really strive to shoot a commercial-looking avatar. Probably shirtless, but ad-like. The one I currently suggested is still too glamour'ish. Not really a problem in a small market like Portland, but would be a problem if you find yourself moving to a major market.
gldavis wrote: *necessarily
carlos22 wrote: Wow! What can I say...Emma is a fantastic model and we had a great shot today. Great comms, great wardrobe, a beautiful model and a true professional in every way.
ethel1 wrote: I notice that you are 5'10", 123lbs according to your profile and have very longs legs (according to your pictures). You have great proportions for more high fashion looks. I think you should really play that up with the angles you use with your poses. Also, you need to show off your legs more. Not necessarily with more revealing clothing, but with your posture.
channan wrote: I wish you had left both versions up so I could compare. I help teach a class (panel of instructors) on critiques of art photography and I think it's important to first differentiate between content/context and technique. I'm all for good technique (to be honest I abhor work that tosses it out the window), however when discussing art photography, technique must serve context.
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